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Cathy Ulrich

Lives in Lamont, Washington United States · Born on January 10, 1963

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Cathy Ulrich
Haven't heard from u in a very loooong time. From the looks of it u haven't been on here either. call me, cell 509-844-6200 Landline- 509-257-2552
Cathy Ulrich
Wuz up? Seriously, I'd like to talk w/ u. I have a fairly new cell # that u don't have. Landline is the same. 509-844-6200 is my cell
Kevin L. Wise ::Admin::
Cathy so good to here from you... Forgive me for my lack of contact. I am at the final stages of my mothers life. Flying to Tucson to be with with my Mother be back next friday and I look forward to speaking with you again in the meantime please Pray for us all. Awesome things coming!
  • July 22, 2015
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Cathy Ulrich
I don't see much interaction on MSM. Could some1 explain why? I'd like to contribute, but I don't get why we r not interacting. No one is in the live chats or the chat bar when I'm here. My fb is cjul...
Cathy Ulrich
This was something that the Lord showed me Junes 2nd:

1st thing I heard the Lord say today was just as the veil was torn top to bottom so that the Holy of Holies is wide open to all, so when the trumpe...
Cathy Ulrich
I want to reconnect w/ my friends here so we can encourage one another in Christ. Don't be strangers. I want to be here for you. Let's share our lives w/ each other and become united in Christ. We nee...
Cathy Ulrich
Cathy Ulrich
Reading a book called Praying the Word. So excited b/c the Lord's been leading me to do this. I used to pray the Word a lot. Excited to re-establish the habit and have even more intimacy w/ God.
Cathy Ulrich
Oh my! Sorry it's been so long since I've been here. How is everyone? I've been writing everyday, on my book project. It's on visions and how they help us stand in faith when the storms come. No title...
Cathy Ulrich
Does anyone in the Yellowstone/Big Sky area have a place for someone who works there to stay? He needs something free or inexpensive. He's been staying in a tent and it's getting too cold. He is a chr...
Cathy Ulrich
There's a power surge going through me today. I know it's always there, I'm just more aware of it and acknowledging it. It happened sometime in the night. A feeling that I can do all things through Ch...
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