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Pauline Allen

Lives in Tonganoxie, Kansas United States · Born on November 2, 1962

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Pauline Allen
Pauline Allen
God is so good!!

A while back I asked for prayers for my missing son that suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

I am so blessed to say that after 4 years of not knowing where or how he was, he has come h...
Thomas Thompson
you were on my mind today and in my prayer's
Pauline Allen
Pauline Allen
You were on my mind today. Hope everyone and everything is well.
Pauline Allen
ATTENTION Travelers: New Passport Laws Starting in 2016 For Domestic Flights.

It takes an average of six weeks to get your passport. This could potentially cause it to take longer.
Pauline Allen
Whew! It's been a LONG two and a half years! But thankfully we made it through it and life is good! To all my friends here at MySocialMatrix, I want to apologize if seems that I abandoned you but that...
Pauline Allen
Nothing that comes your way in life is too much for you. God promised He will never let us face more than we can bear. We all go through challenges, disappointments and unfair situations. It’s easy to...
Pauline Allen
Hey Kev, Toby and I want you to know that your family is in our prayers.
Kevin L. Wise ::Admin::
Thank You so much Smile
  • July 29, 2015
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Pauline Allen
Hey buddy! We have moved and we just got our new internet service connected. It made me missed your birthday so here's a late Happy Birthday wish. I hope it was not only filled with blessings but a lo...
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