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My Group helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Concept We are a Christian Based SocialNetwork Platform
dedicated to helping members... align their passion with their purpose.

What if You could really help and bless everyone you come into contact with? Doesn’t matter if it was a perfect stranger or someone close to you?

I mean really help the single mom, a business, a Church or that someone who just wishes someone else cared about them? What if you had a place you could invite people to Fellowship and make those relationships stronger and really inspire the people in your life to well just become better in every aspect of their life.

Whatever that purpose maybe... Perhaps you have a Youth Ministry, a Church, a civic organization, an insurance agency, a real estate office, a Construction company, we can help you build it...

Maybe You're a Pastor and need an Online presence for your shut in members. Use our tools to communicate your sermon Live Sunday Morning via video stream

What if you are a small businessman wanting to expand your client base. Simply include a message about and use your unique tracking ID or system generated QR code.

Can you think of an easier way to build your audience, other than rewarding them with points that convert to cash? Imagine when one of your clients that you invited recieves a check for their reward points... Who are they going to blame? YOU... Praise God!

This is how it works in Pre-Launch: This is your opportunity to position all of your valued relationships into MySocialMatrix . An Opportunity to Bless many, by simply sharing a unique concept. Everyone has value you here!


MySocialMatrix 3x12 Forced Matrix The SocialMatrix is a 3x12 forced matrix that fills top to bottom and left to right... Starting from You down.


MSM is NOT just another Social Networking Platform. Unlike all the rest of them, My Social Network truly recognizes the value of it’s members! The Company knows that without you as a member, they are NOTHING so they have come up with a plan and it’s a DOOZY! They are going to do a revenue share with ALL the members, not just the corporate big wigs, but

Here is just one example. Remember when FB went public? Everyone was amazed how a group of kids led by Mark Zuckerman could build a company in such a short time and sell it for $100 Billion. But did YOU receive a check? Of course not, me neither. You see, it’s not because of all the things that FB does that made them the money it’s because of the size of their audience. FB makes money buy attracting advertisers who pay them BIG BUCKS to advertise their wares, it’s that simple. WE click on the ads and push all the buttons that are relevant to us as members. The more we point and click , the more traffic they get and the bigger checks they cash.
But here’s the rub, it’s not the advertisers making them the money!!!! It’s the MEMBERS!

It’s why Companies spend $3 million for a 30 second commercial during the Supper Bowl. Now they don’t spend that much everyday. But on that day, they have a huge audience and Companies now they will sell tons of products because of the size of this consumer base. It’s simple, He who has the largest audience, sells the most stuff!

But what if we could rig the game in our favor?

We all need stuff right? Doesn’t really matter what it is, it can be anything. We all buys things everyday to survive in our own little world whether it is for personal use or on a professional level for a business. What if one of your friends bought something that they really needed because it was relevant to them, from somebody you didn’t even know, but yet YOU got a check! How cool would that be?

What if you could do the same thing you do now on FB everyday for free, you know, watching videos, educating yourself or just passing time but now you get a check just because you are a member?

Here’s the best part! Remember the Super bowl? As our audience grows, the Company will attract more and bigger advertisers and you already buy they’re products anyway right? Except now when they purchase advertising from us, we will share up to 72% of the net profits with YOU the member! And it gets better!

Here is an example with a Fortune 500 Company:
You and your friends start getting checks from MSM because Ford and Chevy decided they want to advertise on our platform because of the size of our audience. And let’s say they each pay MSM 10K/mo. to advertise. Well 72% of the net profit will run up through the matrix and everybody gets a check right? But now the advertisers are paying YOU to buy their stuff! It’s BRILLIANT! What if we hade 1,000’s of advertisers????????????

Are You beginning to see how this Platform can bless others? Always remember, “Those with the BIGGEST audience get the BIGGEST checks!” So join now it’s FREE! Invite all your friends into the COOLEST Social Network on the planet and start blessing others today! Because You will be one of the first people in and this is just the tip of the Iceberg!!!!It costs nothing to participate. We have set aside Up To 72% of the Net revenue to be delivered in the form of Reward Points that convert to cash once a month. Free Members recieve 50% of their Reward Points in Cash


Rewrd Points at Social Products create Reward Points

Social Products at

Social Products, whether it be Advertisng, or a Pre-Negotiated Savings on a particular product, this is how reward points are created, then distributed thru the SocialMatrix Up 12 levels. Reward Points are distributed from the point of sale up 12 levels.


Reward Points from Reward Points are created from the sales of Social Products.

MySocialMatrix Reward Points

What if you could get paid when somebody bought something
Up To 72% percent of the net profits are converted into Reward Points that convert to cash once a month.

MySocialPlus+MySocialPlus+ is the commercial component for MySocialMatrix.
MySocialPlus+ at

This is where you can capitalize on your SocialMatrix. By Now... your members should get a sense of who you are, and not what you do. By developing a true personal relationship with your members it will allow them to be at ease when they discover what you do. The MySocialPlus+ system creates an exclusive real time relevancy Based lead for your Business or Ministry. It also allows you to pass 10 links to all of your free members.

How about having your own personally branded version of MySocialMatrix? That's right... you control the logo space and graphic on the sign up page, as well as complete content control, and mass mailing access to all of the members in your Group. This will allow YOU toAlign YOUR Passion with Your Purpose and build YOUR OWN Social Network .


It's You and As with anything... your participation is required in order for you to recieve, a suitable result.

Wha if MySocialMatrix

Don't worry we have your back... Training and tools are provided at no cost to our valued members.


It's You that makes The Reason it works is YOU! That is why we reward members... They make it all happen.

Why MySocialMatrix works

When FB went public and generated 100 billion dollars How much did their members recieve? I think you get my point! Welcome to






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