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Honestly? I think it's because rs gold I am doing my MS where my undergrad. I was requested to TA for a class that I did well in by a well respected professor, my advisor was new, and my other was not involved in the discussion during TA assignment due to personal reasons. They were surprised I was made to TA that much once we met when they came back and very disappointed but couldn't do anything..

I am a big Survivor fan and much of the fandom now revolves around Rob Has a Podcast. Whenever Rob interviews someone, there is always some behind the scenes stories that don make the cut. Many are pretty amusing, like the time someone found a brick of cocaine washed up on the Panamanian beach and tried to hide it from production before they confiscated it..

You can no longer feel the impeding doom on re watches because you know how it concludes. On a good show, it doesn matter how many times you re watch it, you still feel the same things, if not more. Not with thrones, no, all because they just couldn think of a better way to end things instead of "one human assassin with some years of training encounters a being that been around for thousands of years and kills it on contact with a single stab"..

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"It's excitement at the end of the day, just getting a chance to go through that process and see what the team is talking about and things like that, just the little things, it's exciting," he said of his impending free agency. "This is an exciting time. You knew how hard you worked.".

(credit: Deluxx Fluxx + Party Store Productions/ Eventbrite)Slothrust combines soulful rock with an indie vibe, and they will bring their unique sound to Deluxx Fluxx on Thursday evening for a live show. The prolific band has released four albums and one EP, with their latest release covering songs by a wide span of musicians from Louis Armstrong to Britney Spears. Joining Slothrust will be the Portland based rock band Summer Cannibals..
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