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Advantage and Disadvantage of Self Moving

Relocation is an expensive affair. Lots of money is spent in buying packing supplies and hiring a relocation agency to accomplish packing and moving task. Money spend on this task is totally unproductive so some people plan self moving to reduce the cost of move. They buy packing supplies and consider packing themselves with the help of their family member. For moving they consider hiring a truck. But moving entire household goods is not an easy task. It is not as smooth as you plan. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of self moving:

Advantages of Self Moving:
• You have full control on your move. You can take utmost care of your belonging reducing the chances of mishandle and misplacement. You have to pack, load, unload and unpack goods. You can handle goods in the way you want.
• As you are moving your goods yourself, you will hire a private truck to transfer the goods to the final destination. You do not have to share space with others so chances of mixing your items with other get reduced.
• You have the freedom of hiring a driver or driving the truck yourself. You can drive the truck yourself in the smoothest way possible.
• Over all advantages, self moving is very cheap. You do not have to pay the relocation charge.

Disadvantages of Self Moving:
• Packing is very difficult task, you may find problem in packing all your household items. Packing fragile items and electronic appliances is really odd task and your friends and relatives are also not expert in packing these items. You ma repent of not hiring the services of packers and movers in Pune .
• You may find problems in loading and unloading heavy boxes on the truck.
• If you are moving locally, you can handle the situation but situation can go out of control when you are moving to distant place.
• You do not have any insurance in case some of your goods get damaged or lost during the move.

Now, you can consider your move in a way you want. You can easily consider self moving if you have to relocate locally. But if you are shifting to a distant city or town, you should hire a movers and packers to accomplish your relocation tasks safely and smoothly. In a long distance move, your goods must be packed safely and loaded in the truck in systematic manner which is perhaps not in your capacity. Only expert movers can do these tasks. So, hire their services and remain tension free for your move.