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MoSi2 Heating Elements – The Special Material With A Long Life

Modern manufacturers offer a plethora of options for their products, but also wouldn’t care less in giving it long life for high-end performing applications.

Made of Molybdenum Disilicide and self-forming glaze of SiO2, the MoSi2 heating elements can be used up to a furnace temperature of 1800 Degrees C. Having the characteristics of ceramic and metallic materials, MoSi2 had low thermal expansion and resistibility to corrosion and oxidation – a property required for most of the modern metallic component these days.

Along with others, the properties of MoSi2 heater also exhibit its prowess in thermal and electrical conductivity. For the unversed, MoSi2 heating elements have phenomenal strength to absorb thermal shocks without getting damaged. This is the primary reason why they are preferred for high-end applications in the furnace and other areas in different industries.

Performance After Thermal Exposure

Though several doubts come across at forums about the efficacy of MoSi2 after thermal exposure, it was found that it doesn’t have a lasting impact on it. Even after high temperatures of operation, MoSi2 retains its resistance capabilities. Only after the first period, a dip of nearly 5% has been discovered. These properties make it a reliable component for specific applications, where other components aren’t affected.

Chemical resistance is one of the major properties of MoSi2 heating elements, but it can also resist carburizing, neutral, and reducing atmospheres. Similarly, Sulfur Dioxide doesn’t have any detrimental effect on MoSi2. SO2 is a pollutant that is generally found in the atmosphere.