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Should I Wear Latex Gloves For Protection Against Eczema?

“It’s one of the worst ideas ever!”

People recommending latex gloves for persons afflicted with eczema haven’t done a thorough analysis of how it could get them allergic reactions. If you wear latex, waterproof gloves for too long, your palm & hands will sweat and cause itchy flare-up on the skin. That would be unbearable for some time.

If you have had an episode eczema lately and recovering from one, you should be cautious while wetting your hands for washing utensils, washing clothes, or any other work involving water or liquids. Since washing detergents or dish bars contain perfumes or fragrances that may irritate, you’ll end up having bad itchiness for a long time. Using cotton gloves for eczema is ideal, especially for breathability, protection, and comfort.

In eczema-like conditions, hand sanitization is extremely vital for preventing any germs or bacterial infection furthering a flare-up or irritation. When you sanitize your hands, make sure you have a perfume-free & dye-free soap or liquid for the same. Wash your hands in lukewarm water and soak them dry using a clean towel. At home, you should use multiple cotton gloves for different chores. You must clean those reusable gloves in perfume-free soaps after they get dirty and dry them under shade.

If you are wondering white gloves for churches, weddings are the same ones you need, you are slightly mistaken. Since those gloves are made for occasional wear, they don’t have to be of solid quality for regular applications.