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How Can I Make Custom Made Cookie At Home?

Finding it difficult to design lip-smacking yet visually pleasing cookies? This guide can help you with a list of tips.

Be it baking a batch of Blueberry cookies or reading down the recipes from the ancestral times, cookie-making has forever been a passionate adventure for home-based cooks. But, all DIYers come to a halt when it comes to decorating a cookie. You can consider the tips below.

Baking Tools – A Unique Cookie Mold

Want to tweak and serve your own style? In a custom made cookie, you can galvanize your ideas to make it super-special by using unique cookie molds available in the market. Interesting & enticing designs in health-friendly materials should find your attention.

We recommend a search on the Internet for ‘cookie cutters’ or ‘cookie molds’ to find an ideal range of those snack-making, baking tools. Right from the start, you should look for affordable options instead of expensive ones.

Prepare the Toppings

Atop cookies, you can add classics like rainbow/chocolate sprinkles, dragees, icing sugar, chocolate chips, confetti, almonds & nuts, coconut, candy, marshmallows, etc. Precisely, a handmade cookie doesn’t get confined under a single category of decoration. Experimentation here is the key. Or, you can seek any of the younger lot’s advice to embellish the cookie.

Book A Serving At A Bakery

Trouble, getting an idea? Why not booking a serving consultation at the nearest bakery? Various boutique bakery units serve exciting designs for cookies, cakes, and the sweetest edibles.