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Alloy 2020 - A193 Grade B7M Bolts for Special Purpose Applications and More

Alloy manufacturing’s rising standards have augured well for all industries – be it chemical processing, saltwater processing, iron & steel, aeronautical, or any other.

The different grades and specifications for fastening hardware products identify the specific purpose in a scenario. In one of those categories, the A193 Grade B7M bolts are typically used for high-pressure, high-tensile, high-temperature or special purpose applications.
What characteristics do this A193 Grade B7M bolts ingrain?

The Chromium-Molybdenum alloy steel fastening hardware of A193 Grade B7M bolts is heat-treated with a minimum tensile strength of 100 ksi, yield of 75 ksi, and hardness of 99 HRB (maximum). The major alloy content includes Carbon, Manganese, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon, Chromium, Molybdenum and typical steel compositions.

A193 Grade B7M Bolts manufacturers can add carbon content to the max of 0.28%. This is done only after verifying that it meets the standard tensile properties in the relevant section sizes. Manufacturers quench and temper this alloy at 1100 °F minimum. Besides, manufacturing quality repeats approval standards for each fastener.

As mentioned above, the A193 Grade B7M bolts can bear high-pressure and high-temperature conditions in different special purpose applications. Therefore, buyers requiring fastening hardware for particular fastening applications can request A193 Grade B7M Bolts suppliers for top-notch supplies. Since modern manufacturers and suppliers have dedicated websites for processing such requests, buyers can have easy access to quotes and other detailed paperwork directly. We recommend online quotation requests for faster processing and delivery of fastening hardware products.