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Why Choose A Silicone Pouch Over A Leather Wallet

Travel necessities like passport, credit/debit cards, coins, money, smartphone, earphone, and various accessories need an organized pouch. If you dump it all in the rucksack or backpack or trolley, you might take ages to find & use them when in need. Though some desperate attempts could help you find it quickly, you may have already gotten frustrated.

While some travelers have an incessant love for leather wallets, they don’t realize until it’s any adverse situation like rain or accidental spillage gets them furious. Also, leathers don’t go well with water or any other substances. Don’t forget that leather needs conditioning from time to time to restore its ‘pristine’ status of shine & elegance.

Meanwhile, an upgraded variant of silicone pouch does facilitate the obvious characteristics as expected from a travel pouch, which includes:

Versatile organizer
Pockets for small essentials
Water-resistant zipper

People often complain about their travel pouches attracting dirt & grime, which are not-so-easy to clean or wash. Most of these are low-quality pouches with less durable features. They shred quickly after some wear and tear. In comparison to that, leather pouches may feel stand out for one or two reasons, but not more than that.

Getting a silicone wallet from Viavia does help enough to organize your phone, cables, notebook, pens, loose change, etc. and carry it along to anywhere. These perfectly designed pouches with silicone construction are durable, eco-friendly, water-resistant, and inexpensive.