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Looking For A Compact Wallet To Carry Everyday Essentials? Check This Out.

EDC essentials like Smartphone, Pen Drives, Passport, Coins, etc. can be easily organized and stored in this water-resistant wallet.

Traveling basics demand you to keep the small essentials handy. These everyday necessities include your Smartphone, Passport, Pen Drives, Credit/Debit Cards, Coins, etc. Tossing around, you may find a bag or wallet small enough to keep these essentials, but in a disheveled manner. Also, it makes you frustrated when you try to find something urgent in their pockets.

Having a multipurpose passport holder wallet saves you from unnecessary trouble. For example, if you are on the go and need a pouch that helps you protect and organize these essentials, particularly the passport, you will have it conveniently covered. Viavia brings you the durable, eco-friendly, and waterproof passport holder cum transit pouch with an internal organizer and water-resistant zipper.

Available in four color variants, the viavia transit pouch is a unique silicon construction (BPA-free Silicone) specifically designed to carry necessities like pens, phones, cables, makeup, loose change, etc. The water-resistant, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant transit pouch is an exceptional carrier for travelers who are spending most of their time outdoors. Having a handy loop at one corner of the pouch lets you clip, hang, or attach it to just about anything. Of course, a removable strap is a convenient option for carrying it along.

Worried about the pouch accumulating dirt or grime? Don’t worry, since you can wash it easily and enjoy a hygienic organizer throughout the travel.