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Bi-layer Faux Teak Foam Sheet for Marine Flooring – A Quick Review

Checking in & out of options for boat or yacht flooring may not suffice. Boat or yacht owners should indulge in the research of different materials. Here, we cover an invaluable insight to the bi-layer faux teak foam sheet (made from premium EVA resin).

Lest you forget the comparison page of all materials – aluminum, wood, metal, etc. we closely brought up on this topic for your earlier notice.

The choice of bi-layer faux teak foam sheet for marine flooring overtakes the chance of PVC material or wooden material due to a broad range of reasons. Metallic and wood are impractical options for their attributes not complying with the needs of a boat or yacht. Perhaps, they can pile on miseries for the owner. On the other hand, WPC material, EVA resin is proving useful.

It doesn’t take a scientist’s spectacle to understand the practical benefits of bi-layer faux teak foam sheet that they are safe, durable, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-install, and maintainable. Besides, they make the finest investment for all boat owners on the dock.

Since the premium EVA resin used in yacht flooring is bonded, not glued, it won’t come off even at the highest of climatic temperatures. Chances of wear & tear over the period are also minimal to none. It’d suffice to say other materials like wood or any other require maintenance even without coming into the application. They wear out soon when exposed to different temperatures, causing/forcing owners to invest again and again.