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How To Choose The Best Aluminum Bleachers for Your Club

Are you guessing your way into an expensive purchase that you will own for many years?

Wooden bleachers have become a thing of the past due to the inception of modern bleacher varieties. Over the years, the choice of Aluminum bleachers has become common due to the encouraging positives like portability, safety, strength, non-conductive material, and versatility.

Critical analysis in choosing one material and one model over another puts the buyer into a situation where it feels more like a dilemma than a purchase. Both aluminum bleachers or the smaller portable bleachers are both large-enough structures, involve a lot of budget and are a purchase that should last for decades… and you sure aren’t sending them back after the purchase.

So, how to choose the right brand?

HINT: (it may not be very lowest price but should be what you would call competitive… there’s no reason it has to be the most expensive to be your best choice.

1. Make sure it any bleacher or team bench has anodized aluminum seat planks

2. Make sure the under structure is 100% welded and aluminum. There’s nothing inherently wrong with steel frames, though older customers prefer these, likely because that’s all there used to be back in the day… and the price seems to be higher for what is likely to be similar quality.

3. Make sure all the hardware is rustproof

4. Make sure there is a good guarantee (you won’t use it but it says a lot)

5. Call to discuss your project and take mental notes about the answers you are given. Don’t just text or email, talk to a human. If nothing else, you will get a feel for who you are dealing with and you may learn something that could prove to be important.

6. Make sure that both aluminum bleachers AND portable bleachers AND team benches are a large part of the vendor’s business and not just another afterthought page of stuff and that the product information seems complete. Why? It tells you that that company emphasizes a full line. Even better is where you find more than one series or brand. Why? They are even more committed to the product line and the knowledge they must have to speak intelligently with customers like you!

Like anything else in business, we all have products that have less accent and where we have less knowledge. When it comes to choosing a portable bleacher system, there is just too much at stake to go Walmart shopping for aluminum bleachers.

Here's Some Miscellaneous Thoughts You Might Find Useful
Check your footprint. How much area would you need to seat the audience? Your decision would determine to have a few rows & more width or vice-versa. Anticipating a solid design could be difficult if you don’t have an idea. And remember, you may have the added expense of pouring concrete too. When in doubt, refer to the vendor. Don’t like the answer? move on!

Anodized aluminum models. Don’t get hung up on odd seemingly smaller details or odd materials. Remember, that good quality aluminum anodized models of portable bleachers are superb investments and will last longest, driving down the true cost of ownership.

About custom bleachers. A team of engineers & designers, welders, and fabricators can carry out most custom tasks easily for your specific audience, modern bleacher design fabricated by the few top-flight USA manufacturers offer all but the most unusual of styles and sizes.
Though you can demand a custom bleacher design, consider it as a more expensive and a last resort.

Local code. Check with your local building department for any applicable codes you might want to know about. One thing that comes to mind is that you should anchor down any bleacher system… just in case.

Warranty coverage. Even if you don’t need one for a high-quality investment, you should ask for warranty coverage to not your mental peace into spoils. Just get the coverage you need for assurance and you are good to go!

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