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Order size labels or size label online

Sizes determine our lives. Especially when it comes to clothing. How would you know what size you are holding in your hand if there were no size labels or size labels? But what to do if you like to tailor your own clothes? After all, do-it-yourself is very trendy and increases your own creativity. The answer to this question is quite simple: At you can have your individual woven labels embroidered and order and buy the different woven size labels online.

Leather labels individual and unique:

Homemade is always the most beautiful and shows great creativity. And personalised leather labels are perfect for marking homemade products with elegance. Your idea, your work, your label. But where do you get these individual leather labels from? Quite clearly! From A great alternative to our woven namebands are our unique, laser engraved leather labels or labels made of SnapPap. They give your favourite piece the special cut. The possibilities are almost endless and the individual labels of fit perfectly everywhere.

Whether as refinement of accessories, clothes, jackets, caps or handbags, leather labels or labels made of SnapPap are a highlight in every application. We burn your design with computer-controlled precision in labels made of exclusive materials with an incomparable recognition value. Give your product an extraordinary eye-catcher with a leather label or label made of SnapPap!