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Barbour Collection 2020 – Premium Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

The 5th generation brand stocks premium collection of gift items.

One of the exquisite brands – Barbour – has a distinguished fan-base. Don’t believe it, yet? Well, you know that’s for true when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, herself is an ardent shopper of the brand.

From an extended suite of products, we have picked 5 top-notch choices from Barbour.

1. Flask and Shot Glass Set –
Delightful gift for Tequila-lovers! Added a premium leather, the flask from Barbour oozes sophistication & elegance par excellence. Easy to carry on a journey, the shot glass set & flask features as one of the top gift ideas.

2. Leather Wallet – Ingrained with pure leather, the impeccably solid-colored style with asymmetrical tartan lining give a unique appearance. Buying a leather wallet from Barbour would prove a perfect investment.

3. Dog Sock Set – Who doesn’t love the pooches? Fabulously designed with animated dogs featuring on colorful backgrounds lives up to the sock fashion and style. This one often gets liked by everyone.

4. Scarf & Beanie – The fall/winter season has a distinguishably visible effect on fashion-loving people. With the Scarf & Beanie pack, the recipient will admire your feelings for them. It goes amazingly for both style and protection from chilly winters.

5. Wilton Wellingtons – A classic pair of boots – Wellingtons – give a fashion-focused twist with tartan lining and a commando-style sole. For those who love intriguing footwear fashion, this Chelsea-style pair of boots bring a great deal.

Whether you’re shopping for equestrian fashion from Kingsland or candid & cool casuals from Barbour, visit for incredible products at reasonably discounted prices.
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