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5 Things You Should Know Before Joining A PDR Training School

Remember, actual PDR Training is neither easy nor quick.

“Earn $250,000 as a PDR Tech!”

Sounds lucrative, isn’t it? Don’t fall for such advertisements from PDR companies made to mislead people. Articles are galore with the news about the US and various countries needing PDR Techs urgently, but it’s not quite true.

Joining a PDR SCHOOL may help you learn a variety of dent repair techniques, but it’s crucial that you join one of the reliable institutions for comprehensive training in the shortest possible time. Let’s undo some facts for you in the following.

1. No, PDR Training isn’t EASY!

Any responsible PDR TRAINING school center would tell you that! If they don’t, then they can make only exaggerated claims for you. Don’t expect much more than that. Training schools are quick to point the challenges in the courses and how you should participate in the program.

2. The Retail Market for PDR isn’t a GOLD Mine!

Frankly, whoever is telling you this isn’t honest about the industry. Yes, you can make great money in the sector, but only if you are a quality technician and nothing less than that. For becoming a quality specialist, you need proper and thorough training.

3. You cannot learn it in a DAY!

No, you simply can’t! It takes a few months to learn the various dent repair and removal techniques. You may also need additional training for becoming a professional in the PDR industry.

4. Video training courses aren’t always IDEAL!

Video training courses may help a little bit to hone your skills, especially if you tend to forget something over and over again. However, it is still recommended to join a one-on-one instruction basis course from a professional instructor/trainer.

5. Find a dedicated TRAINER!

Does your trainer offer full training or working on a job-hopping spree to earn revenues for their accounts? Find a professional and dedicated trainer.