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What to pay attention to when cleaning vertical roller mill parts

The vertical roller mill is mainly used for the grinding of cement raw materials, and the dust is conceivable. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will lead to insensitive parts and components, and over time, it will cause blockage of some parts. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the vertical roller mill once in a timely manner.
The vertical roller mill is a relatively large machine. How to clean it is also a headache. SBM Heavy Machinery has given some suggestions based on more than 50 years of research and production experience.
1. For small parts, we can adopt manual cleaning. Parts can be removed and placed in diesel, kerosene or other cleaning liquids. Manual cleaning is performed with tools. Of course, this applies only to small parts.
2. For the parts with complicated structure, manual cleaning is not very convenient. We can use spray cleaning method, spray water pipes or other tools to clean it, and the effect is very good.
3. For components with more complicated structures, cleaning equipment can be used for cleaning. Generally, different cleaning liquids are used to perform operations according to the principles of ultrasonic and vibration cleaning.
In general, the cleaning of the vertical roller mill should be combined with the actual conditions, and different cleaning methods should be adopted according to the different levels of different parts of the dust. SBM Heavy Machinery recommends that everyone clean the vertical roller mill before assembly to ensure The machine has a better working efficiency