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Procedure Process of Grinding Station

While in the production approach of the grinding station, the primary components influencing the labor’s safety and health are: transportation, dust generated in creation, noise from the course of action of procedure by grinding machine, air compressor and other equipment, hurt generated from the procedure method of the production equipment.

In order to insure the normal procedure of your electrical equipment and the operator’s safety, technical measures adopted within the design to prevent all kinds of electric injury. All the power transmission equipment controlled by the centralized control are set mandatory acousto-optic signal, only after the signal direction, the remote control of electrical equipment can start. All electrical equipment with metal shell in the workshop must be ground connection, the exposed part with the high voltage electric must have safety barrier. When the grounding resistance can not meet the requirement with the specification, it must be set as voltage balancing net, in case of the hurt by step voltage when the high voltage switch around the ground.

Henan Mining Machinery, about the basis of “Basic safety first, Precaution Crucial”, producing high quality, high basic safety level and environmental safety Calcium Grinding Mill , which promoting the development of the cement generation enterprise.