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5 Things You Should Know Before Ordering Sake Alkohol

Nihonshu, the national drink of Japan (as said to be), is a lovely drink you’d enjoy.

Among the world’s top fermented beverages, the Sake is said to have a 15-16% alcohol content on average. But, are there any Sake types with more or less alcohol percentages? Let’s find it out below and you may discover several answers.

1. Doesn’t make you feel low

The grapevine has it that Sake Alkohol can get you to feel low, but it is not the truth. The Sake you will find in the market has 40% alcohol content. These are not as strong as vodkas and whiskeys, which are generally twice than the former.

2. Don’t pour it in your glass

Bad manners! Yes, it is considered rude if you pour it in your glass rather than in those of your mates in the bar. Just share it and they will return the favor. Make sure you hold the glass with both hands at the base while receiving the drink.

3. Savor when cold!

The rich fermentation process can only be savored when served cold or chilled! Although you can find warm, cold, and normal servings, it is recommended you have the cold one.

4. The bombs are made by Americans?!

Come on, we’re not talking the nukes. People already know that the Americans have made plenty of them. The concept of serving Sake in a glass of beer isn’t a traditional way of consumption.

5. Reducing the hangover

Consume plenty of water after binge-drink of sake. This smooth drink is quite similar to the champagne. You should also try drinks like Junmai, Genshu, etc. too.
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