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Know About SiC Heating Elements For High-Temperature Applications

This kind of ceramic products, SiC heating elements, are better in electrical conductivity as compared to its contemporaries. The best thing about the ceramics – they can be molded or extruded in the variety of shapes and sizes, as required. And the excellent part, they are suitable for high temperature applications.

Only quite a few people know the SiC heating elements have high hot and cold resistance ratio. The efficiency is directly proportional to the ratio, which means the higher the resistance ratio, the higher the efficiency levels. The resistance of these elements changes concerning time and temperature. It is likely to get affected under those atmospheres, shortening its life.
What could be done for the quick aging part?

Most of the reliable manufacturers innovate new methods to extend the life of a SiC heater. One of the most effective ways to do that is to provide different coatings to reduce the rapid aging process.

The glitch – the harmful volatiles remain in the furnaces after creation, and some harmless volatiles turn into harmful ones after mixing with the other volatiles. These undesirable incidents can affect the life of the SiC Heater. Then, what should be done? The manufacturers analyze the effects of coatings in different atmospheres. Here, they can conduct small batch tests to discover the problem and identify the appropriate coating for the SiC heater. Eventually, this problem-solving step helps to the larger cause and paves way for providing optimum solutions with the best coatings for a particular application.