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Protein Cookie – This Beast Of Cookie Gives Untamed Energy To You

“Energy bar… energy drink… and now… ENERGY COOKIE!”

Irrespective of what we think, not all foods provide the same amount of energy as and when required. Both kids and adults have a different kind of metabolism, which demands a certain kind of foods in a dietary regimen.

Occasionally, people set a course of making their own cookies, stash in the glass containers for quick consumption. However, it’s not quick & easy to make. When you look at food shops or retail outlets for energy or protein bars, you pick the highly flavored cookies much to your own disappointment. Moreover, these cookies are made to sate the kids first.

If a busy adult like you needs a powerpacked food in a quick breakfast, you would have to search through random portals and find a product that is either pricey or ineffective. But, the wait is over now… The world’s first beast energy cookie is now here!

The inclusion of 180mg of natural caffeine from Green Tea extract along with 10g of a proprietary blend in this Protein cookie unleashes energy like never before. Before you can settle down to understand this as only a bland ”energy cookie,” there’s a lot to prove against that. These cookies offering untamed energy come in lip-smacking flavors of Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, and Oatmeal Raisin. Just to give your tongue different flavors, you can place an order of variety-pack. With that Untamed energy in your body and spirit, you’ll maximize the day to its full potential.