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Is human preservation after death possible?

Just before writing this piece of article i am unaware of such possibilities. human preservation after death is it really possible and what has the scientific discoveries show us since its inception.

For many years especially with the high technological revolution in the field of science and healthcare we have discovered many unknow and extraordinary truths of life. You will not believe the findings of our eminent scientists. With the science of cryonics, we can save any person we like for the future. Yes, it sounds unbelievable. There will be many questions on your minds. Let’s first discuss what is cryonics?

In this a human is brought back to life after death. How? When a person dies due to any reason (the full body of a person is required to restore them in future) and by some accident then if there are no parts of body is missing then he can be restored as soon as a person dies or within 24 hours of death. However, there are many conditions that needs to be fulfilled before the restoration of the body is done.

If the body is not found to be having damaging tissue then the process of cryonics (a process in which a person is put in temperatures so cold that it can be preserved for decades or centuries) can be performed on the person. You must have seen many Hollywood movies using the concept of cryonics where a person wakes up from the past. They are restored in secured facilities for years, to be brought back to life when an appropriate medicine is available.