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5 Things That You Should Know About Cryogenics

Cryogenics preservation, freezing the body, life after death – all of these seems like myths, isn’t it?

Well, you could feel alienated about these topics, but it doesn’t rule out the possibilities that these are true from a futuristic point of view.

The advancements in technology give more than a ray of hope in this field with huge scope to move forward and let the facts sink in.

1. What is cryonics?

When a soul departs the body – the previous abode for a heavenly abode, the body tissues start decaying. The technique of preserving those tissues from decaying by putting them under freezing temperatures for reviving in a future time is called Cryonics.

2. Why cryonics instead of burial/cremation?

Once a burial or cremation of a body happens, there is no chance of reviving that body. However, Cryonics offers a reasonable chance, even if how petite it may be. It offers an opportunity to resuscitate the body in the future with the help of advanced technologies.

3. Does it offer any scientific evidence?

Indeed, it does! It is true that Cryogenics had allowed scientists to revive several biological specimens using medicines and technologies. Therefore, it gives hope to any human’s revival in the future.

4. How fast should it be done?

Much faster than the brain is dead due to delay in freezing and preserving. It should be done within the hour of death.

5. Who can do it?

Cryogenics centers offer cryopreservation in their facilities with the help of professionals in this field.
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