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The Best Destination For Unique Gifts DOMA

“Domani” is an Italian word which means “tomorrow” and DOMA the Lifestyle Online Shop in Hong Kong creating the tomorrow for you since 2003. It is the place where you can have all latest, innovative and functional gift items with many of the trendy fashion products. If you are searching for tiny electronic gadgets or any other exclusive and special gift items visit DOMA Lifestyle Online Shop which is full of exclusive gift itemsand updating regularly their storewith larger inventories.Turn your life more awesome and enjoyable with the outstanding products available at DOMA Lifestyle Online Shop. In these days while people searching for Gift Ideas HK the DOMA ends those searches convincingly by offering breathtaking items at an competitive price.


  • While thinking about useful and functional items as well, DOMA has a wide range of products for men, women and children thus while browsing DOMA none will return back in empty hand.

  • Rather an addiction will grow where you will keep on buying items one after another.

  • There are special days like mother’s day, father’s day, anniversary, birthday and many more where you will try to share wonderful items with your beloved ones.Toexpress your love, care, affection and devotion shop in DOMA online successfully.

  • DOMA offers the platform where you can pick the best Unique Gifts HK item for your relatives and friends unerringly.

Knowing More About DOMA

  • Well among the items, there are Bluetooth Folding Headphones Lite, Flat Earphones, 6USB Smart Charger, Gym Watch Fitness Tracker, Fashion Selfie Stick, Mini Animal Speaker and more. All these items are affordable at DOMA the Lifestyle Online Shop HK. DOMA has a firm belief of creating number of new products forever transforming newer tomorrow.

  • Merging interesting and unique product concepts where latest innovations get new dimension.

  • DOMA is bent on offering a wide array of gadgets and products, keeping in mind the codes of modern living. Varying popular products DOMA includes fashion watches, touch lamps as well as an array of travel accessories and phones.

  • DOMA items are skillfully packaged thus designing ideal gifts for any event. With 10 retail locations all across Hong Kong DOMA is gaining popularity among consumers over years.

Unique Items at your Doorstep

The multi-functional Power Banks HK is a unique product of DOMA at your doorstep featured with

  • Capacity of 4,000 mAh

  • Built in Micro USB and Apple Lightning Cable

  • LED Indicator for Power Level

  • Super-Fast Charging Speed

  • Slim Design

  • Lightweight

  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1.2cm

  • Deluxe Gift Package

  • Colors available: Black, Blue & Orange

DOMA is also popular for bringing unique items at the doorstep such as Unique Golf Gift when you are looking forward to gift something special to someone important. Golf Bag Pen Set and the Deluxe Golf Pen Set are such amazing gifts available at DOMA with some outstanding features:

  • Golf Bag Pen Set

    • Consisting of 3 Pieces Golf Club Pen Set

    • Pens are Filled with sparkling Red, Blue and Black Color Ink

    • Leather Golf Bag Pen Holder available in Black and Red

    • Beautiful Deluxe Gift Package