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The Smith Machine and Your Home Gym: Why You Must Have It!

The engineering aspects of home gym equipment are fairly straight forward but that does not mean there have not been some important technological breakthroughs in the last half century. The conversion of the power rack into the Smith Machine has been one of the most important equipment innovations!

The Smith machines for sale is ideal for working out in your own home gyms and also at the local club and is a first class upgrade to the standard power rack.

Considering what other professionals in the industry are saying about your potential home gym equipment purchase is always crucial. Arnold Schwarzenegger the king of body building was a strong advocate who as part of his training program used the Smith Machine. He believed that as it allows you to place your feet farther forward without fear of losing your balance, the Smith Machine was ideal for performing squats. The rails keep you in place and this allows you to achieve a maximum thigh burn without falling backwards. This exercise method is ideal for lower weight loads and higher repetitions. High reps are a core body building principle because it encourages muscle gain and definition. Compare this high repetition workout program to power lifting in your powerlifting gym where lower reps and heavier weight loads are commonly recommended.

When doing squats, military press, bench and other exercises rails which were designed to keep your form/posture correct is featured by the Smith machine. When you are maxing out with heavy sets or lots of reps, keeping you in line and not letting you drift the rails act as guides. Their main gripe is that the machine is doing the work that normally your stabilizer muscles would be doing instead when you are locked inside the rails for your sets.