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How To CRUSH the Enemy!!

God has been getting ahold of me to show me His perspective and lift me up to see that I and others are made for so much more than we are right now and that this crushing feeling of defeat is a result of the enemies tactics to push us down and bring us to his level so that he feels superior to us. The truth is that God in us is the hope of glory that the devil and his angels will NEVER experience. I am most excited to realize that I and others must come into our destiny to shape all of creation!! Every word from our mouth and action of love that is contrary to the enemy's plans crushes him! We then have and give the power to others and ourselves to become all that the Lord intended for us. The son's of God will be revealed and the Lord of Glory will return for a spotless bride who is head over heals in love w/ her groom and ready to spend eternity w/ Him in heaven, b/c we've already been walking out seeing what He's doing in heaven and following His lead here on earth. Miracles, encouragement, prophesying, speaking the truth into others and praying for the opposite good in place of darkness and evil and watching God answer our prayers right before our eyes. Praying and believing rather than worrying and being afraid and instilling that same hope in those around us. We are His workmanship, created for good works in Christ that He planned beforehand that we might walk in them. Eph 2:10. Hallelujah I am ready to go and be all that the Lord wants me to be and just enjoy exactly who He has made me to be and then to shed light on others so that they see the light that is shining in them if they would only believe and see You there. What a life of adventure this is!! What a powerful belief to know that we don't have to die or live in pain, grief and defeat. We belong to a God of freedom and Who is able to make His glory fully evident in us, who had originally been adversaries of God who had once been on the enemy's side! Wow! We have been truly brought from death to life and I am experiencing resurrection power even this day. That resurrection power is there for me and those around me whenever I call upon the Lord. Remind me to call out and receive it Lord!! It is available and we can have whatever we ask for in prayer when we become one w/ God and are seated w/ Him in heavenly places! Amen!
Topics: Overcoming