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Greg M. Hill

Lives in Anacortes, Washington United States · Born on February 27, 1954

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stead blast
Greg M. Hill
The After picture...
Greg M. Hill
Free to Create
Being Free to Create something from something else is very rewarding to me. I'm 100% positive that creating with your mind and body are truly a spiritual gift from God.
The blessing to ...
Greg M. Hill
On my way home this morning while I was taking her to work. I passed this HuGe DoG on a 16 foot trailer... the driver was just getting looks.
Greg M. Hill
For some reason I keep having deer come up to me without any fear.
Greg M. Hill
Does anyone remember the Luci Movie called " The Longest Mile" ? Well I have got a job of rebuilding a 1959 Streamline Trailer. Looks Like this but not quite this shinny yet.
Greg M. Hill
I still continue to stay busy with creating things and selling them on craig's List. Recently I made some more fun Headboard Benches, and just put one on CL. Check it out for fun.
Greg M. Hill
Thanks for the like on the bench I made . Now if I can just sell these things I would like
Greg M. Hill
Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish... Be Blessed
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