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We recognize that each and every member brings value to our company. That's why we distribute reward points that convert to cash... For all the members!
Connect with Friends & Family...
The System is designed for You to align your passion with your purpose... What ever that may be, and more... It's really about showing people you care, and unifying Families, Friends, Pastors, Churches, Non-profits and Small Business customers.
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The Sign Up Process is Safe, Fun, & Secure... We are simply here to help you align your passion, with your purpose. Welcome to the team. Now... Click Get Started.

Member Testimonial
Love the Functionality. Live Support is Awesome! I recommend it to everyone I meet, or already know. Where else can you recieve a reward just for being a member. This is so simple... it's brilliant!James from Alabama

My Group helps you connect and share with the Real people in your life.

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It's free and always will be.
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