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until the wax surface thoroughly dried composite floor

Don't leave any detergent. Such as residual detergent and water, can cause surface white, bulging. 3. Dry the ground with a dry towel or let it dry naturally. Fully dry floor surface and groove part of moisture, completely dry for the back waxing. Depending on the season, the time required has changed,

but it will take more than half a day. Such as have not been fully dry, floor wax will not be tightly attached on the surface of the floor, affect the appearance and whitening phenomenon. 4. Wait until the ground is dry and then wax evenly on the surface. A container that is fitted with wax on the floor, and stirred evenly. In accordance with the direction of grain floor carefully daub, do not drain coated or uneven thickness.

Smear too little will cause uneven shade, smearing too much will lead to bad film formation. Keep uniform thickness is the key of the wax. Do not dilute the floor wax with water. Waxing tool can use wax special mop, easy to operate, ideal effect. 5, until the wax surface thoroughly dried, by professionals with high-speed polishing machine, with the polishing pad, uniform polishing to the surface can be bright.
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