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wood flooring as just a part of the home

cultivate the psychological senses of consumers. And wood flooring as just a part of the home, it is difficult to use the Olympic marketing will be able to give consumers certain goals, you can not give consumers a powerful visual impact, can not explain to consumers with a certain high Technology,[url=]Composite Decking VS Wood Decking[/url] with the Olympic marketing, at best can only improve the brand awareness, but as a durable goods, people tend to shop around, rational far more than with extreme loyalty of high value, high-tech products, therefore, the Olympic marketing and Can not give the floor business to bring high share of cake. Third, the wooden floor of the post-Olympic marketing,
its means may have the following: 1, playing the participating cards, both the use of the Olympic Games during the Olympic Games to participate in the laying of the opportunity to continue to increase after the Olympic marketing, such as: the Olympic Games stadium dedicated brand.[url=]Replacement Your Marine Boat Decking[/url] 2, playing athletes endorsements or Xiu card. Both athletes endorsement or advertising. 3, playing athletes home card, both athletes of a certain family laying a certain floor. However, we must see, no matter what method, are not like shoes, beverages, causing immediate attention to consumers, buy immediately Because the wood flooring industry, low technology
content, the relevant brand, homogenization and other characteristics of the serious impact; the other hand, because people are more rational for the consumption of home, pay more attention to word of mouth, rather than advertising. I believe that the post-Olympic era,[url=]Buying Best PVC Composite Railing[/url] there will not be too many companies use the Olympic marketing tool. The impact of wood flooring factors: the property market, the price itself, people's psychological expectations So, what exactly affect the sales of wood flooring it? Since it is a rigid demand, and why the 2008 wood flooring market a cold it? I believe that, in addition to international and domestic factors, such as the
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