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floor production process

floor production process

the impact on mahogany furniture is slight, on the contrary, this strong policy on the mahogany furniture market but will be a Push. The main reason is that investors from the real estate investment in the withdrawal of funds is expected to switch to "blue chip" mahogany furniture.PVC Fencing For Your Garden So in 2011 for the mahogany, the market may continue to rise. Man-made board boom cycle comes low-carbon economy, the man-made board is to solve the global warming environment to strengthen the protection of forest resources, timber supply and demand growth between the contradiction between the main way out. It can be said that the wood-based panel industry is

facing a new round of economic cycle. In the future, with the increase of residents' consumption ability and the change of consumption concept and the implementation of natural forest protection project, the demand for wood-based panel in decoration, furniture, packaging, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries will usher in new growth peak.Environmentally Friendly Wood Plastic Wall Board Another reason is the impact of disasters, the first quarter of this year, China's Yunnan, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou and other five provinces have a serious drought, frequent forest fires, pests and diseases of a large number of breeding, affecting the domestic wood-based wood products Normal

supply. The fourth quarter, China has suffered a wide range of rain and snow weather, poor weather affected the mining of raw materials, to stimulate the emergence of a substantial increase in raw material prices. It is reported that there are three aspects of formaldehyde in the floor.How to Build Swimming Pool Decking One is contained in the wood itself, trace of formaldehyde; the second is in the floor production process has been added aldehyde adhesive; Third, the use of the installation of aldehyde in the adhesive. And usually referred to in the floor of formaldehyde exceeded, refers to the production process and the installation of formaldehyde-containing adhesives used in the link. And

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