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Tour the Wild at the Comfort of your Private Safari in Kenya
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Tour the Wild at the Comfort of your Private Safari in Kenya

2017-06-06 Time
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 6:57 am - 9:57 am
Trans-National Plaza
Mama Ngina Street
Suite 408
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The beautiful land of Kenya lies halfway from the East Coast of Africa. Popularly known as the home of Safari’s, it is one of the most visited holiday destinations. The appealing natural beauty of this country which includes outstanding landscapes, ethnic diversity, adventure sports, pristine beaches, and spectacular wildlife, is what lures flocks of tourists every year. The best way to explore this captivating country is through the comfort of a private safari and with agencies providing the best packages of Private Safaris in Kenya, you can easily book one as per your convenience.
Importance of Privacy -
All of us desire privacy and hence, opting for a private safari can provide the best travelling experience. Often, a safari is categorized as a general wildlife viewing tour, but as a matter of fact, a safari has more to offer than just that. A private safari will help you explore the beauty of the wild at a personal level. You can include your personal elements and cater to your own interests without having to trouble any other visitor or traveller. In addition to that, a private Safari in Kenya will give you the flexibility of choosing your own timings and also the people you want to travel with.
While a private safari is not always necessary, it could make your special moments even more special. So, if you’re on a honeymoon, or taking a tour to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or if you have planned a wildlife tour to create adventurous memories with your children, then a private safari is the best choice of travel. Likewise, if your leisure activities include bird watching and photography, you can be at ease with the one-on-one service provided by your personal travel guide in a private safari.
Planning and Coordinating -
A perfect safari experience requires perfect planning and coordination with your safari operator. A clear communication of your plans and expectations from the safari tour will help your safari coordinator to provide you with the best of the best experience. Make sure to get a guarantee from your coordinator, so that you are allotted a different time than other travellers and safaris. A private safari is no more private if you're travelling with a convoy of other safari buses.
Prepare your itinerary with the help of your guide well in advance. Your safari should give you ample of time to spend in the areas of your interest and also give enough time to relax and rejuvenate yourself for the escapades of the following day. Don’t add too many national parks to your list. Choose a destination where you can  get a splendid game viewing experience. You may opt to linger to the North of Nairobi i.e. the Aberdares, Laikipia and Samburu or you cover the Southern national parks of Amboseli and Tsavo.
Do your Research Well -
Your knowledge of Kenya may be little, but with so many tour guides and operators providing Kenya Safari Holidays packages, it is your responsibility to do a good research at your level. An approach from a position of knowledge will help you get the best experience and also minimize your chances of getting deceived. Check the packages that different agencies offer. Make sure you have a brief idea of all the options that are available. Since, there is no definite answer to how much your private safari will cost, make an informed decision depending on the value items such as quality of lodging, vehicles, professional guides and above all the dependability of the operator.

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