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Advantages of Canvas Wall Art Over Lithographs and Photos Printed On Paper

Canvas wall art are becoming more popular because of their durability and ability to maintain vibrant colors over decades. Traditionally, pictures are printed on photo paper or printed as lithographs that are used as wall art. Here are some advantages of canvas paintings over other types of wall art:

Lithography is an old method of printing large photos. They require framing and placing glass over the picture to protect the lithograph from harmful elements in the air which include humidity, moisture, and dust. Canvas pictures are protected with varnish top of the image that prevents moisture damage, UV damage and dust from collecting on the surface. These days, lithographs are now more ideal for printing business cards and invitations rather than for wall decor.

Art on canvas are more durable than photos printed on paper. Lithographs need a lot of care and are sensitive to rough handling. Canvas wall art are durable and can last for decades and sometimes centuries. Lithographs will fade and discolor over time. Exposing lithographs to sunlight or UV rays can hasten deterioration too. Although canvas wall art should be kept away from direct sunlight also, they are more resistant to UV damage.

Canvas wall art are stretched on gallery wrapped canvas. They often come ready-to-hang and do not need frames or glass for protection. Lithographs and ordinary pictures on paper will have to be framed and protected with glass.

If you are thinking of convenience, many galleries or online art stores can offer countless canvas wall art in any size or shape you want. Large art sets consist of 2 to over 6 pieces and is a convenient way to decorate a big empty wall. If you were to use small framed pictures, you would have to gather, mat, frame, and mount dozens of photos to cover a big wall.
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