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A Custom Server Rack May Be the Best Choice for Your Network Hardware

There are many benefits to using a network rack or IT cabinet. For one, you will get exactly what you need to house your network hardware. You may also benefit from increased effectiveness, comfort, stability and cost reduction.

When you customize your network or server rack you can designate specific options such as:

Wall mount, desktop, or free standing rack or cabinet
Type of locking mechanism using a key or combination lock
Built in accessories which may consist of cooling systems, shelving, cable management, etc
Any other requirement that you may have for your specific equipment
Specifying a non-standard size in terms of height or depth
Access points specifically made for the equipment being mounted in the rack or cabinet
Leveling system
Perforated or solid metal or glass door
Solid or perforated side panels

Often, the need for a designed rack or network cabinet is the result of a non-standard size requirement that is not available in the market. Keep in mind, if you only have a few racks, you may be able to get by. But if you are a manufacturer, dealer, or installer that sells in high quantities, you may want to seriously consider housing your equipment in a custom server rack.

Designing network racks requires designing work, engineering and prototype development, so additional R&D costs will be incurred. If 100 server racks or more will be ordered, you will be better off creating a custom network rack.

When selecting a partner to develop your network cabinet, take note of a few things. Does the company specialize in developing custom network racks? Will they work with you to develop your ideas, explore your reasons for developing a custom network cabinet and offer ideas to improve the design of your custom network cabinet.
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