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Get a Clear Idea about CMMS

A CMMS is a Maintenance Program (or software) which works together with the maintenance department to plan, schedule, analyze and report on maintenance done. The actual abbreviation stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System, and is one of the best ways to make maintenance more efficient, better controlled and limit downtime.

Unplanned downtime goes well into the thousands of dollars an hour lost in most industrial applications today. By setting up a CMMS maintenance solution correctly, this downtime is easily limited and there are many other benefits that come as a result too.

In essence, a Computerized Maintenance Management System is made up of several components. Of course, the actual layout varies from software to software, but they all work to achieve the same goals. The most common problem that they all face is being able to schedule maintenance on large plants, plan and control if you spoke to Maintenance Planners throughout the world. When you have hundreds of pieces of equipment, it’s vital that they are all well cared for.

By using a CMMS maintenance management, you are able to see exactly what maintenance goes on, the costs associated with it and you can easily make changes to improve the current set up. A good CMMS will also incorporate a vast range of options for maintaining a store. You should be able to set up BIN locations within Maintenance Programs as well as create lists of parts for specific assets, add prices and suppliers and the list goes on. In the event of a breakdown a maintenance department that functions correctly should be able to look on their CMMS and identify delivery times and cheapest prices, the parts that make up an asset, even photos and other documents, manuals for rebuilding the equipment and the suppliers of those parts.
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