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Wisps of the Grove update with Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold

Wisps of the Grove is released to explore. You can find a tree in the center of The Lost Grove. You can find a tree in the center of The Lost Grove, which requires additional nutrients, so you need to collect the wisdom of the five different colored magical mushrooms or the energy, to make a pharmacy for your tree. Then you have the chance to get Farming and Hunter XP and have a chance to get the pet Vinny RuneScape. Besides, you can buy cheap Runescape 2007 Gold and Buy OSRS Accounts from us.

The procedures to complete Wisps of the Grove
Every member can follow the following procedures to complete Wisps of the Grove.
1.Speak to Teelee to get a Wisp jar, which is used to collect the different colored wisps. (The mushrooms around Teelee will change color after you get the jar.)
2.Travel around the island to find the different wisps, which spawn anywhere on the island randomly.
3.Use the Tap option on the Wisp jar nearby the wisp you need.
4.Collect all wisps you need, including blue wisp, green wisp, purple wisp, red wisp, and yellow wisp.
5.Return to Teelee and get wisp elixir by giving him the wisps you have gathered.
6.Hand in the wisp elixir at the Offering Cradle in the center of The Lost Grove to get the reward.

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