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How to install Fiber runner and duct

Fiber duct is generally made from PVC, HDPE or other compound. They are generally is gray or black. Fiber inner duct is generally yellow or orange.

Why generally a fiber runner and the inner ducts are corrugated?

Fiber duct and inner ducts are corrugated to offer the following advantages:

1. Reducing pulling tensions during the installation process.

2. Quite flexible and can be utilized in the installation locations where various turns are involved.

3. After completion of the installation process, corrugated inner duct should be left for a day to permit the inner duct to retreat back into the duct through the corrugated spring action.

The utilization of pulling tape

Fiber Runner is preinstalled in the fiber duct and innerduct in the factory. This saves considerable time during the installation procedure. Duct and inner duct may also be pre-lubricated in the factory, thereby significantly lessens pulling tensions.

Never bend over the minimum bend radius

Just like the fiber optic cable, fiber duct also have a minimum bend radius specification. Never should the inner duct or the duct bend tighter than its minimum bend radius.

What is supported radius?

The supported radius is the minimum bend radius when the duct is bent around a support like another duct on a reel.

What is unsupported radius?

The unsupported radius is the minimum bend radius when the duct has no supporting structure in the bend.

Advantages of utilizing fiber duct

Fiber Duct prevents the fiber cable and also offers an opportunity for future cable access and expansion. Fiber optic cable may be pulling into existing duct. The duct should generally be oversized to permit future cables be pulled in.

Advantages of utilizing inner duct

Fiber inner duct offers protection for the fiber cable from being disturbed by other organizations during cable installation operation. It also offers extra protection from the surrounding environment. Fiber inner duct can also be utilized in old duct installation.
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