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“I maintain my fleet... Why Will I Need Software for That?”

Was exactly the reaction of a guy who maintained a handsome fleet of vehicles.

It’s not-so-easy to convince someone at the beginning. Fleet maintenance, as usual, is done by the owners at their point of convenience and also due to budgetary factors. With Uber-like cab services growing twofold or threefold, it’s tough in a competition.

What do the CMMS help with?

Technically, the Maintenance Management software helps with scheduling of tasks, particularly for preventative maintenance on time, sending reminders, managing external work requests, maintaining an undiluted history in the records, inventory management, audits and certifications.

What advantages does it lead to?

A plenty of them, actually. But, let us highlight only a few for now:

On the account of maintenance, one can understand how frequently were the vehicles checked, repaired or upgraded. This means the owner can take stock of the entire situation and there’s a reduced possibility of breakdowns of the vehicles.

Work distribution and accountability comes in. The technicians would have full responsibility of taking care of the fleet right on time. Otherwise, the owner would know what’s happening on the ground.

Timely purchases and savings on the lot would benefit the owner in a huge manner. One doesn’t have to make a hurried purchase when they are aware of the current status of their respective vehicles.

MMS solutions are often called by various names, whether it’s EAM or CMMS or similar. While it helps in asset management, such as vehicles, machines, equipment or facilities, the owners get ample time to handle the other major aspects of the business.
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