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Thousands of NFL draft picks of Stanford University this century

Involved in the career of honor, such as selected professional bowl (even if the injury is also included in the replacement), selected All-Pro and so on. Also involves the draft pick, the first round show scoring the lowest benefit, seven round show scores benefit the highest. Life longevity and outstanding performance will also be affected.
Stanford since 2000 produced a total of 63 draft pick players, and the University of Iowa tied for eighteenth. Seattle Seahawk Cape Richard Sherman leads the rest of the alumni with great advantage. Stanford produced the depth of the players is not strong, the 63 draft pick only three (Sherman, Andrew - Lark, David - Castro) was selected career bowl. Although the sea hawk took over Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) last season, selected career bowl, but he is Stanford off draft, so not in this list.
Five rounds of the show is the most luxurious resumes owned by Sherman. Career so far six seasons, completed 30 steals, 92 damage to pass. Four consecutive years selected career bowl, three times selected All-Pro burst, the past five years a starting game is not absent. Worthy of the name of the elite angle guard. G career three years for the pony starter each game, the three years will be the team into the playoffs, also selected career bowl. Compared to the same year, the second floor of the Red Ribery Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III), Lark's performance was significantly more excellent. Although the past two years of various injuries to Lark difficult, but if the talent, he is still the number one NFL quarterback. Rookie season preseason suffered a knee injury to de Castro really busy for a while, but he recovered is not bad, to catch up with the then Steelers last four games. After this right guard front has been maintained a healthy, steady growth. Pittsburgh implemented his fifth year contract after the rookie contract, the 2015 season, his performance will be selected to the All-Pro burst, while the second consecutive year was selected for the professional bowl. Blackman himself is not honorable (he was added for life longevity 1 point), but a seven-round show for the team starting for eight years has been considered value for money. He has won the Bobb McKittrick Award for 49 people, and the award is awarded to the team's best offensive striker.