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We have only looked and looked

2013 Brazilian Confederation Cup opened a new chapter in world football. Has been slightly old state of Spain in the final 0: 3 defeat to the young Nei Maer led the Brazilian team, the defeat for their defeat in the 2014 World Cup paved the way. It is worth mentioning that now in the super-fancy Paulo in this tournament in the performance is very good, won the Brazilian Federation Cup bronze prize.
Although the Confederations Cup is also an important international football tournament, but the national team is often love and hate. Since the participation of the game, the players certainly want to strive for better results, but it is a combination of Cup is a "bad luck" of the championship. Such as 2005, 2009 and 2013 champion Brazil, in the subsequent year's World Cup has twice stopped eight strong, 2014 World Cup finally reached the semi-finals, but 1: 7 defeat to the German team, Called the shame of humiliation; and 2013 runner-up Spain team is not much better, in the next year's World Cup group stage was eliminated home, the golden generation of this end; C Luo in FIFA show the video has the opportunity to close close Will be the cup champion, but did not dare to reach out and touch the trophy, I do not know is not afraid of contaminated bad luck.
On the Confederations Cup controversy has never stopped, after all, some of the tasteless race involves the club and the national team between the original tight nerves. Bayern CEO Rummenigge said last year that the Confederations Cup is becoming of no value, the 2017 Russian Confederations Cup is likely to be the last term: "This year (2016) has the European Cup, next year has a Confederations Cup, 2018 years and the World Cup. That is to say, the national team players in the two years of rest time will be very little. "FIFA president Vientiane is not opposed to cancel the Confederations Cup, he is more inclined to the world Cup to restructure, so that the team increased to 16, which will be the World Cup will be developed for the World Cup "pad game."
However, the Confederations Cup Ye Hao, the new World Club Cup Ye Hao, as the fans certainly want to see more exciting events, but the future of the Confederations Cup in the end how we have only looked at.
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