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The Confederations Cup is like a real warrior

In response to the possible terrorist attacks, Russia has developed a set of security measures, but as the country's president, Putin is still outside criticism. Some experts pointed out that in order to improve the level of security in Russia, the government departments to develop a series of programs will certainly affect the normal life of ordinary people; in addition, Putin and the Russian government has always adopted a high pressure policy on the opposition, which also give them Provoke dissatisfaction and bounce.
In 2014, the Russian city of Sochi successfully held the Winter Olympics, in the preparation of the Confederations Cup, World Cup in the process, the country developed by the security measures, but also to the Sochi Winter Olympics experience based. But it is noteworthy that the Winter Olympics only held in a city of Sochi, then the venue is also far away from the residential area. However, the current session of the Federation Cup has four cities, and next year's World Cup is more than 11 cities involved, so many people think that the Russian government to copy the experience of the Sochi Winter Olympics is clearly illogical
Andre - Soldatov is a Russian security expert, he said in an interview with media reporters: "2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi faced the situation is undoubtedly very simple, because at that time we only Need to cope with a possible problem in the city, but this time, we have to enable four cities at the same time, for Russia, of course, this is a more complex and more dangerous situation.
However, the Russian government officials have firmly said that the Confederations Cup foolproof. "In the current session of the Confederations Cup, both the athletes and the audience are not," he said in a media interview with the Russian security department, who is responsible for the safety of major events. Will be a direct threat, at least so far, we have not found any potential threat, and in my opinion, all citizens who abide by the laws of Russia are not at all concerned about our security measures.
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