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Chinese enterprises will affect the admeasurement of FIFA voice

China's sports industry has entered a new era
For approaching cooperation I am optimistic that this is my additional time in two months to China, and business negotiations with Chinese enterprises, I can see, With the development of the clash and the activity of Chinese businessmen for football, FIFA and Chinese companies will acquire the achievability of added cooperation, which is benign to the development of football, for the accomplished of Asia is aswell beneficial. "FIFA Secretary Accepted Fatima Samra said.

At today's conference, just adopted FIFA administrator Zhang Jian aswell on anniversary of the Chinese Football Affiliation abounding the event. In a contempo anniversary with the media, Zhang Jian talked about the affair of China's bid to host the Apple Cup, that this is "a dream of China", but if the dream can be achieved, Zhang Jian did not accord an answer. But acquire to acknowledgment is that in June 2014 the Accompaniment Council issued No. 46 document, the Chinese sports industry in contempo years into the "fast lane", both from the automated anatomy or aptitude basin and the accession of resources, the Chinese sports industry acquire entered a new era The
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