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Analysis of the Strength of the West

West, the Central region is still the focus of competition, began to decline to the Chicago Black Hawk team still has a good strength, in the Q coach and Kane / Taffos binary star, the Black Hawk's play is always gorgeous, the face of the Union Any opponent will not show weakness. St. Louis Blues team in the offseason to strengthen the lineup, always in the playoffs of the performance of their soft will be bound to come back. Last season, the performance of the ups and downs of the Minnesota wild team is likely to win the third playoffs, the US captain Zach Parissa and defender Leon Sut sits, led a group of strong players, wild play Should not be underestimated. Nashville predator's performance is also worth looking forward to send the old captain Weber, ushered in P. K. Souban , which will give the music city into extraordinary vitality.
Atlantic Division this year will attract considerable attention, the performance of the season last season, the Montreal Canadians are expected to lock a playoffs this season, the door of the return of Kerry Price will give the team into a shot in the arm, in addition This week's heavy deal, with the PK Souban call the owner of Xie Weber's performance is also worthy of attention. The powerful Tampa Bend is expected to win another playoff position last season due to injury to stop the Eastern Conference finals of their season will come back. And the centenarian birthday of the Toronto Maple Leaf team can once again reached the playoffs worth looking forward to this season is the Canadian national team coach Mike Babcock coach Maple Leaf the second season, the team cleaning for the lineup has been Completed, the team of young talent who can lead in the Babcock under the leadership of the outbreak is worth looking forward to the third division of the results to get away from the playoffs seat?
Pacific season this season, the performance of the teams will decline, last season runner-up San Jose shark team lineup is increasingly old, it is difficult to extend last season's unexpected brave performance, while the Los Angeles Kings, although the lineup tough, but the team creativity The limitations will hinder their development. It is Arizona Wolves performance worthy of attention, although the team has long lost in the players, but the defense backbone of Oliver Ekman Larsson and Maxi Duo meters and other stars shine, will be their promotion of the playoffs In the most powerful power. The previous year's champion Connor McDowell-led Edmonton oilers were also worthy of attention, though only to usher in the second season of the individual, but many critics had already thought he had followed Crosby, was to become a league The second strong candidate.
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