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Counterattack! C Luo Chao Mei Xi Jin Jin boots

Messi last week in the King Cup in Gui, his total scored five goals, became the king of the season the best shooter. In addition, has won the Spanish gold boots and European gold boots, but in the last one before the Champions League gold boots, C Luo completed a shaking attack.
Group stage C Luo only scored two goals, the first round of the face of Lisbon athletic and second round against Dortmund, C Luo scored 1 goals, but then C Luo is opened for up to half a year Champions League 0 ball embarrassment Record, followed by four rounds of all the group was zero closure, knockout face Naples two rounds did not break.
But in the 1/4 finals after the start, C Luo amazing scored 10 goals, against Bayern Munich scored 5 goals, against the Atletico scored three goals against Juventus scored 2 goals, eventually scored 12 Goal, the last game against Messi to become the Champions League this season, the best shooter, small flea swept the four golden boots completely broken dreams.
In addition, C Luo is the fifth consecutive season to become the Champions League top scorer, count 2007-2008 season in Manchester United for the first time to get the Champions League gold boots, C Luo accumulated 6 times the Champions League gold boots, which is a new record of the Champions League history.
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