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Ke City to reduce the use of his care for the blessing

Just a few days ago, the basketball name Chris Hayes has revealed that the Cavaliers forward Kevin - Carrefour may be in the summer by the team trading. Over the past three years, in order to create a set of luxury championship lineup, the Cavaliers paid a huge economic cost, their total salary for three consecutive years exceeded the standard, for three consecutive years to pay luxury tax. Worse, if the next season, this situation continues, then, under the new labor agreement, the knight will face more stringent "super luxury tax" punishment.
Therefore, the rumors of trading music seems to have some impulses, but in fact it is a deep reason for reason. If the knights really will be happy to send away this summer, then in the same position, they certainly need to be added. Bosh from the age and ability, of course, not as happy. But his technical characteristics, his stable long-range projection capability, and Le Fu is somewhat similar.
If the knight can be signed at the bottom of Bosh, they still want to free up part of the salary space, the other position on the reinforcement. In addition, James and Bosh good personal relations, but also help Bosh to join.
And even if the knight does not trade Carrefour , with the bottom salary to sign Bosh to play off the bench, nor is it a bad option. But all this is the premise that Bosh must prove that their body 100% health Caixing.