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Take more than 100 million invited to force Real Madrid pay

This summer, Messi renewed the official news of Barcelona,will be like a deep-water bombs like disturbing neighbors can not be peace, C Lo is a may be affected by the affected people. C Lo and Messi is recognized as the world's top two superstar, Messi after the contract may get 30 million euros after-tax annual salary, the strength of its influence and its well-known C Luo heart will certainly be uncomfortable, because he is currently enjoying in Real Madrid Is the 22 million annual salary treatment, the president how to let go
According to the Portuguese media "Morning Post" exposed material, C Robben want to pay more than Messi to become the world football top salary players, but the performance of Barcelona is to force, red and blue army for Messi out of the renewal conditions After the annual salary of 30 million euros. In November 2016, C Lo and Real Madrid renewed the contract to the summer of 2021, the contract involved in the annual salary of only 22 million euros, and Messi new far from far .
Of course, C Lo in advertising and other aspects of the income together, enough to ensure that he is in the field of football gold field of brother status, but possessive C Luo is not willing to live in the most basic salary The So, C Luo find ways to find a high salary for the entry point of the desire to pay again, before the "Aspen" had exposed the supermarket has 200 million euros offer C Luo, and to provide a tax annual salary of 120 million euros contract.
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