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Write your blog According to Mitzner, for a short time period when the company first started, Swimsuits for All targeted men, women and children of all sizes, but began to focus the business on women sizes 8 and up due to customer response. Mitzner believes existing Swimsuits for All’s customers will welcome this change.

Brands expanding their assortment to target curvy women is an ongoing trend, but Swimsuits for All’s move — a plus-size line introducing smaller sizes — is a new type of shift. Mitzner believes more brands will start to think about broadening their offerings in an attempt to create a more inclusive shopping experience.

Then, as Lauer discussed the questionable music tastes of colleague Savannah Guthrie -- "it's all melancholy acoustic guitar jam, and the lyrics are all about, 'someone broke my heart,'" he complained -- DeGeneres let loose a simple but effective prank.
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