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It Is Time To Deal With Hong Kong Company Tax Filing

When you are setting up a new business in an unexplored State, it is a challenging task for you, but in Hong Kong it is not that tough any more. But you ought to understand some certain things clearly. In case of a Private Limited Company, operating under the Companies Ordinance it is mandatory that the Manager, Director, authorized representative of Companies Registry and Company Secretary, should duly sign Annual Returns. But in case of those companies those who don’t have any pertinent accounting transaction during the same financial year called “Dormant” company are exempted from filing any Annual Returns literally. There is a form for filing the Annual Returns titled as Hong Kong Company Tax Filing contains of varying details and particulars like Name and Address of the Company with the details of the Shareholders, Directors, Secretary Etc.

Moreover, there is no need to file the financial accounts of the company before the Company Registrar in this regard. Except the year of incorporation The Annual Return is to be filed once in every financial year in particular. After one your company’s incorporation, first Annual Return to be submitted within 42 days from the date of completion one year. You may be charged of prosecutions, in addition of higher registration fees, and company will be accountable to penalties. The company should have all the audited accounts ready in addition to the company tax filing.

The balance sheet of the company should be updated while conducting the Hong Kong Company account and audit work positively. But it is a common factor for all of the newly incorporated company that a though knowledge is not fully available to them about the certain norms and restrains which are to be abide by the company. Being a leading agency in that field JV Consultants Limited is bent on providing reliable Share Transfer In Hong Kong service into this account. This company takes interest in Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong as well.
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